What’s Your Passphrase?


If you still use passwords to protect your accounts, you may want to reconsider and use a passphrase instead. A traditional password is typically 10 letters or symbols, or a combination of both. In comparison, a passphrase is typically longer than a password and is easier to remember than random symbols and letters combined together.

While a passphrase can contain symbols and punctuation, it doesn’t have to be an actual sentence or be grammatically correct. It can also contain spaces between words. For example, a passphrase could contain part of a song lyric or your favorite quote, such as “Stars can’t shine… without darkness!” By using punctuation and upper and lower cases, you meet the complexity requirements for passwords.

When creating a passphrase, choose something that is more than 14 characters long. Ensure that the phrase is easy to remember and typed accurately, but preferably, make sure that it is not a common or popular enough quote that it can be easily guessed by someone who knows you. And, as always, do not reuse passphrases between sites, applications, and different sources.

If you need other ideas on how to protect your files, just let us know. And remember, we’re available to help with all your printing needs – give us a call today: 856.429.0715 or visit www.sjprinter.com


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