Timeline Brochure


Product-297-v2.jpgIf your organization is looking for a unique way to tell your story and highlight exciting milestones and product growth throughout the years, a timeline brochure is a fun and creative solution. Consider these tips when creating a timeline brochure that your audience will enjoy reading:

  • Include historical photos and graphics to help tell your story throughout the years.
  • Show any changes or evolutions to your organization’s logo, name, tagline, etc.
  • Feature major changes in staff members and/or company founders.
  • Include call-outs to offer additional information about important events.
  • Consider using different types of media to increase the visual appeal. For example, in addition to photos, consider adding links to videos, a snapshot of a map route, newspaper clippings, etc.
  • Consider a variety of paper sizes and folds to provide ample space for your timeline. Folds can range from a simple half-fold or tri-fold to a Z-fold, accordion-fold, gatefold, or more!

If you’d like help telling your story with a creative timeline brochure or other types of print marketing materials, our creative team is here to help. And remember, other printers may be nearby, but nobody comes close. Call us today at 856-429-0715 or visit: http://www.sjprinter.com.


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