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Any business can create seasonal marketing promotions, regardless if they have seasonal products or services. Many seasonal marketing promotions are based on holidays or annual events, such as a Fourth of July special, or an end of the year blow-out. Here are a few tips to ensure your next seasonal marketing promotion is successful:

  • Get creative. Consider seasonal events that others may overlook, such as “spooktacular Halloween savings” rather than waiting for Thanksgiving sales.
  • Create an annual marketing calendar and begin early on each campaign. Avoid fighting the noise and jump-start the competition by promoting your special a few weeks early.
  • Choose key opportunities. Rather than going overboard chasing each and every holiday promotion, hone in on seasons or holidays that sync with your products or services.
  • Enhance your marketing design with creative images to celebrate holidays and seasonal changes. For example, if you’re marketing a winter wonderland savings, consider using snowflakes as a design element to your promotions.
  • Re-use promotions that were successful in the past. Consider tweaking your efforts slightly (such as by adding social media efforts to remain timely), but don’t waste time reinventing successful promotions.
  • Compare your promotions with those of your competition. What are they doing successfully? And how can you stand apart during various seasons or holidays?

Our team of creative experts is available if you need help planning the perfect seasonal marketing campaign for your business. Give us a call today: 856-429-0715 or visit!


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