Quickly Switch Chrome User Profiles



If you are a Google Chrome user, surely you know how convenient it is to create multiple browser profiles. Using multiple browser profiles is not only beneficial when multiple people share one computer (to avoid conflicts or to exchange saved data), but you can also create work and home profiles that don’t interfere with one another.

While there is no built-in shortcut key to switch quickly between Chrome profiles, here is a quick and easy way to change Chrome user profiles using keyboard shortcuts.

To switch profiles while using Chrome, click Ctrl+Shift+M, and the profile box will drop down from the top right corner. Then press the down arrow to select “Switch profiles,” and then press Enter. When the window pops up with your user profiles, use the left and right arrow keys to navigate between profiles, and click Enter to open the user profile of your choice.

To create a desktop shortcut and quick access icon in the taskbar for a Chrome user profile, simply launch Chrome and go to Settings (click the upper right icon). Scroll down to “People,” click Add Person,” and enter your desired profile name and icon/photo. Check the box to create a desktop shortcut for this user. ClickAdd,” and you will see the new Chrome shortcut on your desktop. Right-click the new Chrome shortcut, then clickPin to taskbar,” or drag the new shortcut to your taskbar.



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