The Way I See It Whatever You Water, Grows

kirkI heard a story about a lady standing in her garden admiring and watering her plants with the hose running. She turned to one side and noticed a bunch of weeds and frantically turned to look side to side, muttering, “Oh no! Where are all those weeds coming from? They’re going to take over my flowers!” As she turned side to side, the hose poured water everywhere she turned, watering the weeds, which continued to grow and take over her garden.

Here’s the way I see it: Whatever you water, grows. Just like the gardener, our water taps are always on. Water the weeds, and they will grow. Water the roses, and they will flourish. By focusing our attention on something in life – whether it be good or bad – we are allowing it to grow. If you’d like help focusing on your positive marketing efforts, we can help your sales grow!


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