Fix Stuck Pixels



Did you know that you can fix dead pixels or stuck pixels on almost any device – such as a computer monitor or television – simply by adding external energy to jump-start the dead pixel?

Pixels require specific voltages to operate correctly. Sometimes, pixels receive no voltage due to a fault, which results in a black/dead pixel that doesn’t light up. Or, if a pixel doesn’t get enough energy/electricity to change color, it causes a stuck pixel. Since most pixel defects are caused by insufficient voltage, you can often fix stuck pixels by adding additional energy. If your monitor or television isn’t under warranty, here are a few methods to consider trying to fix a stuck pixel.

First, try to flash the screen with an animation that rapidly changes colors and causes significant voltage changes in surrounding pixels. This can often provide enough energy to get the pixel unstuck. Here is a sample video: (Note: seizure warning for this method.)

Another method is to provide external energy in the form of light and sound. For light, use a LED flashlight (it’s important to use a LED flashlight rather than a traditional incandescent flashlight, which produces wavelengths of light at the correct frequency). For a sound, you need to generate a 60 Hertz audio tone (consider using a free tone generator app on your cell phone).

When you are ready, identify the pixel you want to fix, then shine the flashlight on the pixel, while also playing the audio tone on your cell phone loudly near the pixel for five seconds. If this doesn’t work, you can try again, but the pixel may be permanently damaged and unrepairable.


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