Creative Signatures Made Easier



If you’ve ever created a stylized Outlook email signature in a design program such as InDesign using a combination of images, text, and logos using HTML code, surely you’ve experienced a blurry outcome. Here is an easy solution to help you add a customized email signature design image into Outlook without the blur.

Save your new email signature as a high-resolution jpeg image. Then, compose a new Outlook email and insert your signature image directly into the body of the email. Right-click the image and select Wrap Text, and select Top and Bottom. Now, click the blue link that says See More, put a checkmark in Lock Anchor and click OK. From there, click Ctrl-A to select all, then click Ctrl-C to copy.

Next, open your email signature using the top menu and select New. Then Ctrl-V to paste the code. Specify when your signature will be used, such as new emails only or replies. Important note: you won’t see your signature when you paste it in the signature box, but it will appear in your email.

Now create a new email and voila! Your email signature will appear crisp and clear every time.


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