Placemat Menus



Custom-printed placemat menus are a creative and affordable way to not only present your menu, but also to increase your marketing and branding efforts.

Placemat menus can be used to showcase specials, increase dessert sales, and make new menu announcements, as well as promote upcoming events, entertain children, and create holiday-themed messaging.

Because paper placemat menus are designed for one-time use, they are sanitary, able to be recycled, and they protect your table (or tablecloth) from stains. If you’re looking for a placemat menu designed for extended wear, simply request laminated placemats.

To increase your placemat menu real estate, consider a double-sided placemat that has messages on both sides. The front side is perfect for your menu items, while the backside could be designed as a newsletter, or as a fun way to educate your audience about your organization with interesting “did you know” facts, photos throughout the years, or a timeline of historical events.

If you’d like help creating the perfect placemat menu that your audience will enjoy using, give us a call today at 856.429.0715!


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