Mini-Card Pocket Folders



Mini-card pocket folders are a handy marketing tool for a large variety of businesses. Whether you offer gift cards, key cards, or paper licenses (such as fishing papers) as a few examples, the uses for mini-card pocket folders are endless.

Here are a few creative ways to maximize your creative efforts with a mini card pocket folder:

  • Consider a three-panel folder for additional marketing real estate. Use the extra panel to offer valuable tips, contact information, or even a tear-away coupon.
  • Design your pocket folder as a hangtag with a hole and ribbon as a fun way to attach a gift card to a bottle of wine or champagne.
  • If you would like to personalize your card folders, simply leave a blank panel for a handwritten note (specify non-glossy paper for ease of writing).
  • Consider designing your card pocket folder with a business card panel that can be torn away and kept.
  • Design your folder with die-cut slots, shapes, or edging to increase creativity and visual appeal.

Order mini-card pocket folders today. Your customers will thank you!


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