Stay on the Minds of Your Customers



Here are just a few easy and affordable ways you can stay on your prospects’ radar without overwhelming them.

  • Engage on social media to interact and build a community with your prospects. See an interesting Facebook post? Comment and like it. Stumble across a great tweet? Retweet or favorite it.
  • Send discounts and coupons Б─°just becauseБ─² to thank customers for your business.
  • Offer reminders, such as including reorder forms in packages or sending a friendly reorder reminder prompt to order additional supplies before items run out.
  • Offer useful information and helpful tips to educate customers and promote your expertise via blogs and newsletters.
  • Create a customer loyalty program to encourage repeat business.
  • Invite your audience to open house celebrations, hands-on training, or exclusive customer appreciation events.
  • Include a statement stuffer coupon or a handwritten thank you note with bills as a thank you.
  • Send holiday, birthday, or anniversary cards. These simple, pressure-free greetings will help increase top-of-mind awareness year-long.

If you’d like help creating print marketing pieces to ensure your business isn’t forgotten, give us a call today at 856.429.0715!


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