Reasons to Love Customer Complaints


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Customers who complain and then have their problem solved are typically much more loyal than those who are satisfied with your business. After all, for every complaint you receive, there are likely dozens of other customers who experienced the same thing but didn’t speak up. Customer complaints are valuable because they expose issues that cost your business time and money. Here are a few ways to let your customers know you are listening and truly value their opinions:

  • Offer convenient ways for customers to complain, such as customer surveys, comment cards, toll-free number, email, etc.


  • Take the time to listen and understand what the problem is without interrupting.


  • Don’t be afraid to apologize for a mistake. Many customers simply want an apology and acknowledgment of their complaint.


  • Ask customers for suggestions for improvement. Sometimes the solution may be easier than you think.


  • Take necessary actions immediately to find a solution and re-establish rapport. Follow-up with customers to be sure their issues were solved and they were satisfied with the solution.


Regardless of the complaint, one of the easiest ways to ensure customer satisfaction is by reminding them you’re all ears


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