Best Chrome Extensions



Here are just a few useful extensions that can further enhance the many great features of Google Chrome, the most widely used web browser worldwide. While these are all great tools, just beware that extensions can slow down your browser, so choose those that are most useful to you.

  • Adblock Plus removes ads from sidebars, as well as blocking animated ads, pop-ups, Facebook ads, and more.
  • StayFocused enables you to restrict time spent on websites such as Facebook, so you can stay focused while working.
  • HoverZoom allows you to quickly zoom in and see a full image when hovering over a smaller image.
  • LastPass enhances your online security by offering one master password to access a variety of sites, which features multi-factor encryption.
  • AutoPagerize enables you to automatically see the next page when you reach the bottom of the current page, without having to click “next.”
  • Google Dictionary lets you double-click on a word and see the meaning in a pop-up.
  • Blur offers protection from non-cookie-based tracking, which disallows companies from collecting data, auto-fill options for saved credit cards, masked cards, and provides the ability to create highly encrypted passwords.
  • URL Shortener allows users to create a short URL with one click on the toolbar button. It also includes the option to share the link through various popular services including Facebook and Twitter.
  • Musixmatch provides the corresponding song lyrics when you watch YouTube videos.
  • Hola Better Internet integrates a free, yet effective VPN (Virtual Private Network) into your Chrome browser so that you can browse without revealing your identity to anyone to trackers.
  • WOT offers details about the reputation of a website based on previous user experiences and reviews.
  • HTTPS Everywhere switches websites from non-secure HTTP to HTTPS, which can protect you from privacy hijacking and fraud.

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