Acres of Diamonds

kirkAn early 20th-century Baptist preacher told an inspiring story about the opportunities that are all around us. According to his story, a wealthy man named Al Hafed owned a large farm in India. He lived a happy life until an ancient Buddhist priest told him of the existence of diamonds, the world’s most valuable mineral. Hafed became so obsessed with the thought of finding diamonds that he sold his farm and traveled the world searching for diamonds. He eventually spent all his money, became very depressed, and took his own life.

Meanwhile, the new owner of Hafed’s property took his camel to the brook to give it a drink of water when he noticed a sparkling rock in the water. He took it home and placed it on his fireplace mantel. A few days later, the old Buddhist priest stopped by to visit and recognized it as a large diamond in the rough. The property was discovered as one of the highest quality diamond mines of all time.

Here’s the way I see it: The opportunities we seek are often closer than we think. Rather than constantly seeking a better opportunity or fortune, if you take the time to dig a little further, you’ll often find treasures within your current job, family, or circumstances. We hope you’ll give us a call the next time you need help finding a diamond in the rough with your printing projects! Remember, other printers may be nearby, but nobody comes close. Call us today to discuss your next printing project at 856.429.0715.



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