The Sweetest Thing

kirkA man and his young daughter were out for a walk when they passed a fruit stand. The daughter asked if they could purchase fresh apples, so the dad bought two and handed them to his daughter while he put his change away. The dad asked the daughter if he could have one of the apples. Upon hearing this, the girl quickly took a bite from one apple. And before he could say anything, she took a bite from the second apple.

The dad was surprised and frankly a little disappointed that his daughter acted so greedily. Just as the smile disappeared from his face, the daughter handed him an apple and said, “Here, Daddy, take this one. It’s much sweeter and juicier!”

Here’s the way I see it: Never jump to conclusions because you never know where you might land. Next time you need help with an important printing project, we promise to help you make a great impression.


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