The Power of Lists



Historically speaking, lists have always been very popular. The Ten Commandments. The Seven Wonders of the World. Benjamin Franklin’s Thirteen Virtues. The list literally goes on because they work!

Not only do lists appeal to our general tendency to categorize information, but they also offer a clear promise in a scannable, easy-to-absorb format.

Here are five reasons to use lists in your content marketing:

  1. Lists are more likely to be read because they are often short and sweet. By creating a “Top 10” list, readers also have a clue to the length of your article.
  1. Lists are memorable. By ranking things in order, your brain subconsciously helps you remember key items.
  1. Lists can spark emotions. If one of your favorite restaurants appears in a “Top 10 Restaurants of XYZ,” you are likely to feel validated.
  1. Lists reduce information overload and enable your readers to focus on each bit of information separately.
  1. Lists create curiosity. When used with an engaging topic, readers are often eager to view the next point.

If you’d like help creating engaging marketing materials that are sure to get read, our creative team would love to help. Give us a call today!


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