Managing Your Business Reputation



A good business reputation will not only enhance customer interactions and sales but can also increase your overall revenue and profit. Here are some excellent tips to manage your business reputation:

  • Commit to providing timely responses to all inquiries, comments, complaints or requests on social media, emails, phone calls, letters, and those left with customer service reps.
  • Handle negative feedback and comments politely and constructively, and use feedback as goals for improvement.
  • Promote customer testimonials, success stories, and customer references on your website and print promotional materials.
  • Create a customer referral program that encourages happy customers to spread the word and invite their friends and family to try your products or services. Also, encourage happy customers to write reviews about their experience online.
  • Actively use social media to interact and engage with the customers by answering questions, asking questions, or replying back to positive or negative comments.
  • Create newsletters, blogs, and vlogs to keep customers informed about new products or services, industry news, and other helpful tips or resources.
  • Set up social management tools and Google alerts so you can track and respond to brand mentions on the web.
  • Create branded hashtags, which can help your brand stand out, help you track mentions, and enable readers to easily mention you when they share your posts.
  • Set up a BBB (Better Business Bureau) profile so consumers can check your credibility.
  • Create customer appreciation events that are focused on thanking your customers for their loyal business.
  • Sponsor local organizations and teams, or donate time, money, or services to a charity to show your community support.
  • Create customer surveys and offer a valuable coupon in exchange for your customer’s time.

If you’d like help creating print materials that enhance your business’ reputation, our creative team is eager to help. Call us today at 856.429.0715!


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