Place Cards & Tent Cards



While place cards, also known as tent cards, are often used for weddings, they are also a useful tool for corporate or business events. Place cards increase organization by letting attendees know which space has been reserved for them and can also increase feelings of inclusion if guests are unfamiliar with other guests.

At events where guests may not know one another, printing the guest’s name on both sides of the tent card (so it faces both the guest and others at the table) is a great way to encourage networking.

Place cards can be used to help guests get to know one another, designate the guest’s food choices, or even include surprise details or clues about a game or contest on the backside.

In addition to being used to reserve place settings and make guests feel welcome, tent cards can also be used to label food choices in a buffet line, snack bars, and much more.

If you need help designing the perfect place card or tent card for your next corporate event, give us a call today! Our creative team would love to help.


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