Marketing Habits To Break



Here are a few of the common marketing mistakes many businesses make:

  • Jumping on the bandwagon. Some marketers blindly follow new social media trends because “everyone is doing it,” regardless if it is right for their business and product line.
  • Not tracking campaign performance. Whether you are using print media or email/social campaigns, it is important to track coupon codes, click-through rates, engagement rates, leads, and more.
  • Linking to a random website page rather than creating a landing page that is specific to your campaign. Increase conversions and ensure that visitors can easily find the information they are looking for by creating a custom landing page.
  • Set it and forget it. Always remember: if it is worth doing, it is worth doing well. Regularly review Google AdWords and other paid social campaigns frequently so you can adjust as needed.
  • Using the wrong types of content on social networks. For example, you should use images on Instagram and Pinterest. Use videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Snapchat. Publish industry news, white papers, and company updates on LinkedIn, Twitter and forums.
  • False scarcity. Avoid pressuring people to buy with messaging such as “Buy Now! Limited Quantities” especially if this is not true and you plan to promote something for more than a few days.

Focusing on product features, not benefits. Customers want to know how a product will solve their problem and what value it will offer them.


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