Welcome Materials



Welcome materials are a great way to build trust and form a strong relationship with new customers or members of your organization. Here are a few creative welcome ideas your audience will love:

  • Provide a handwritten note or thank you letter that expresses your gratitude for choosing your business or organization.
  • Consider organizing important information, such as product warranties, billing and return policies, FAQs (frequently asked questions), and contact information in a convenient pocket folder.
  • Welcome posters and booklets are a great helpful way to identify an event, offer directions, information on keynote speakers, workshops, a schedule of events, and more.
  • Provide a timeline with interesting background information about your organization throughout the years.
  • Nametags are a helpful way to identify attendees, increase socializing, and help others remember names.
  • Boost loyalty with customer testimonials or success stories from satisfied customers or members.
  • Consider creatively stacked or stepped inserts as a great way to introduce your organization, highlight various products or services, welcome new customers/patients, introduce new team members, promote various locations, etc.
  • Encourage ongoing contact with a calendar of upcoming events, celebrations, sales, etc.
  • To ensure that welcome booklets are timeless, include separate page inserts for time-sensitive information, such as event invitations, coupons, announcements, etc.

If you’d like help creating welcome materials for your organization, give us a call today!


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