Customer Retention Marketing


If you don’t stay in touch with your customers, chances are, someone else will. Here are a few customer retention marketing ideas to consider:

  • Encourage open communication with your customers by requesting feedback and suggestions. Offer options such as email, surveys, a toll-free number, chat forums, etc.
  • Send a handwritten thank you note or email shortly after each purchase. Consider including a coupon for a product or service that is related to a recent purchase.
  • Feature customer testimonials to highlight customers who are successful using your products or services.
  • Send a birthday postcard with an exclusive promotion to let them know you’re thinking of them.
  • Send a newsletter that provides “news they can use” with helpful industry resources, tips and tricks, and promotional announcements.
  • Invite customers to join a loyalty program with exclusive incentives and rewards for return customers.
  • Promote a small contest or giveaway on your website each month, and provide recognition to the previous winners.
  • Socialize with your customers. Attend trade shows, offer open houses, encourage customers to respond to blog posts, communicate on social media sites, etc.

Give us a call if we can help you create marketing materials your customers will love!


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