The Belly vs. the Body

kirkHere is a story about teamwork and the importance of valuing every member of the team, regardless of their talents or abilities.

One day, the parts of a body realized they were doing all the work, while the belly got all the food. The body parts believed the belly was lazy and unproductive, so they decided to go on strike until the belly agreed to take its proper share of the work.

The unhappy body parts did nothing for several days in an attempt to stop feeding the belly. The hands stopped moving, the teeth stopped chewing, and the legs stopped moving. As a result of the inactivity and the starving of the belly, the legs became more and more tired, the hands could hardly move anymore, and the mouth became very dry and sore. Eventually, the entire body collapsed and passed away as the belly starved.

Here’s the way I see it: Team dynamics can be very complex. While the contributions of some team members may seem less significant than others, all roles are essential to the overall success of a team. While the talents of our printing team vary, we proudly work together to ensure a successful outcome of every project we complete!


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