Custom Dividers



Whether you prefer three-ring binders, boxes, or folders, index tab dividers and cut sheets offer an easy and fun way to organize your important documents.

While many people are familiar with index tab dividers, cut sheets are a similar variation without the tab extension. Cut sheets make it easy to navigate through your documents and are used just like tab dividers to separate the different sections of your content.

Tab dividers and cut sheets are a great way to introduce and provide an overview for each section of content. They are a popular addition for product catalogs, instruction manuals, employee handbooks, and medical guides.

Tab dividers and cut sheets can be printed on both sides, and have many customization options, such as three-hold drilling, lamination and custom finishes, metallic ink, embossing, and much more. They are a professional way to boost the organization of your documents.

If you’d like to learn more about custom divider options or need a quote, our team is here to help! Remember, other printers may be nearby, but no one comes close. Visit us today at or our amazon store:


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