Track Competitor Marketing


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By keeping an eye on your competition’s marketing efforts, you can learn more about them from a customer’s point of view and identify their strengths and weaknesses. You can also see how their marketing materials, promotions, engagement, and prices compare.

Here are a few ways to gain insight on your competition:

    • Explore competitor websites and take notes on ideas for improving your website.
    • Attend competitor webinars. Be sure to stick around until the Q&A session at the end to hear questions from the audience.
    • Sign up for competitor newsletters and follow them on social media. This is an easy way to learn more about their new products and services, promotions, and events they are attending.
    • Consider Hootsuite Streams to track keywords, competitors, and hashtags across every social network on an easy-to-use dashboard.
    • Visit competitor booths and pick up their literature. See how your booth design, marketing materials, products, and customer engagement strategies compare.
    • Inquire about a product or request a quote so you can become a lead. You will receive targeted emails and phone calls, allowing you to see how they handle the customer journey.
    • Subscribe to competitor YouTube channels to get alerts for new videos.
    • Set up free Google Alerts to track competitor products and announcements that appear on Google.
    • Learn about areas that need improvement on your website, as well as your competitor’s website by visiting Website Grader.
    • Consider a paid service such as Mention, which enables you to monitor the web and listen to your audience talk about your business/industry, as well as your competition.

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Marketing S.W.O.T. Analysis



If you’re looking for a way to gain a better understanding of your business and marketing strategy, conduct a S.W.O.T. analysis.

S.W.O.T. is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. By recognizing both positive and negative factors that affect your business, you can compare your business to the competition and use the results to improve your marketing strategy and messaging.

Here are a few guides to keep in mind when creating your S.W.O.T. analysis:

    • S. – Strengths describe the positive attributes to your organization, such as an experienced team, reputation, patented products, lifetime warranty, and established customer base.
    • W. – Weaknesses are factors that are within your control that reduce your competitive edge, such as poor location, inferior products, lack of technology, or limited resources.
    • O. – Opportunities refer to external chances for your business to grow and prosper. Opportunities can include market growth, lifestyle changes, or the ability to offer greater value that will create a demand for your services.
    • T. – Threats include external factors beyond your control, such as competition, political decisions, economic downturns, consumer trends, or government regulations.

After completing your S.W.O.T. analysis, you should not only work to improve your weaknesses but also ensure your marketing materials highlight your strengths.

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Put Google Alerts to Work for Your Business



Google Alerts is a free online service that can help support your marketing strategy and give your organization a competitive edge. Google Alerts can be used to monitor your own company online, as well as gather ideas for content marketing, stay current on industry trends or news stories, and help you keep an eye on what’s new with your competition and key customers.

Google Alerts allow you to receive automated updates by email or web feed of the latest relevant Google results available regarding topics or keywords you choose.

To create your own Google Alerts, visit Make sure you’re logged in with a Google account. Enter unique keywords that you want to monitor, such as a business name or topic. If you are searching for a phrase or set of words, use quotes (such as “Grand Opening Denver”) to ensure your words will be searched together as a phrase. To make your alerts more effective, avoid generic or common keywords. You may also consider including common misspellings of your business name or keywords.

Google Alerts can also help you stay aware of compliments or complaints. For example, create alerts that include your company name and keywords, such as “company name + terrible” or “company name + amazing.”

Select the type of results you are looking for (news, blogs, videos, discussions, groups, or everything) and choose how often you want to receive notifications (as it happens, once a day, or once a week).

Marketing with GIFs



In this crazy time of social distancing, GIFs are a fun and creative way to engage with your audience online and make your brand more relatable. While there are endless GIFs to choose from online, creating your own custom GIFs for your business or organization can be a great way to show off your brand’s personality.

Here are a few ideas for creating your own corporate GIF library:

    • Use two photos in a seamless, morphing image to show before and after results.
    • Create a GIF to teach or show something step by step, such as “4 Ways to Tie a Silk Scarf.” Visuals can be a great way for people to learn and remember easier.
    • Create GIFs to convey emotion and humor. Sometimes words can’t say what you would with a GIF.
    • Use GIFs to offer an exciting peek at new products or color variations. For example, use a GIF to flash between different color options of the same product.
    • Showcase product features easily and quickly.
    • Consider using GIFs to create a full 360-degree view of your product, which is more cost-effective than an HD marketing video.

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Google My Business



Google My Business (GMB) is a great free resource for small businesses. Not only does it allow you to create a business profile on the world’s top search engine, but it can also increase your chances of appearing as a search result when a potential customer searches for a specific business, product, or service “near me.”

If you haven’t already, you will want to manage your business profile on Google by visiting: Google My Business

After creating your free GMB profile, remember it will only be as powerful as you allow it to be. Here are a few tips to optimize your account and get the best results:

    • Download the Google My Business app and use it like any other social media account. Having the app will make it easier to add pictures, post status updates, exchange direct messages with customers, and respond to reviews.
    • Add images and photos to make your listing more engaging, including a cover photo, your company logo, and multiple photos and videos that show potential customers what your business has to offer.
    • Add relevant keywords and search phrases to your business listing.
    • Sign up to get notified of new followers of your GMB page and send them welcome offers to encourage them to visit your location or website to take advantage of a special deal or discount.
    • Encourage and manage customer reviews. Enable prospects to learn more about your business from a customer perspective, and show customers you value their input and care about their experiences with your brand.
    • Use Google Posts to provide useful information, promote sales, engage with your customers, and create a call to action, such as Learn More, Call, or Buy Now.
    • Monitor your GMB listing insights, which include analytical data about how customers find your listings, where customers find you on Google, customer actions, direction requests, and more.

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Forget-Me-Not Marketing


Hand hold discount card template with rounded corners

Just because a customer buys from you once or twice doesn’t mean they will immediately think of you or remember your business again. Here are a few creative ways to stay in front of your audience:

    • Create a drip marketing campaign across multiple channels. Remember that awareness is based on repetition, so keep it coming.
    • Use consistent branding and messaging. Everything from your print literature to social marketing should have consistent messaging and a similar look and feel.
    • Be useful. Provide knowledgeable tips, tricks, and other relative industry information that will leave your audience asking for more.
    • Create a customer loyalty program to reward visitors for repeat purchases.
    • Strengthen your relationship with your customers by sending birthday cards, holiday greetings, and newsletters.
    • Educate your audience about why your products are better, faster, etc. Consider creating a comparison chart that will help clarify how your business stands apart.
    • Show appreciation by sending thank you notes with coupons that are too good to ignore, such as “use this coupon anytime during June to receive 50% off any one item!”
    • Invite your audience to open house celebrations, hands-on training, or exclusive customer appreciation events.
    • Offer helpful reminders, such as reorder forms or reminder emails, to order additional supplies before items run out.

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Preshow Event Marketing

Preshow Event Marketing



Here are a few creative ways to promote your organization and boost attendance at your next conference or tradeshow:

    • Build excitement by promoting any giveaways, prizes, and contests and encouraging attendees to visit your booth via direct mail postcards, email campaigns, and social posts.
    • Request a pre-show attendance list, so you market directly to show attendees.
    • Announce exclusive specials and discounts that will be available only to event attendees.
    • Publish live demo times or highlighted speaker sessions, so attendees don’t miss out.
    • Offer an invite-only sneak peek at new products or services that are coming soon.
    • Create table tents, flyers, and other customized marketing materials that are specific for your audience.
    • Distribute a press release about your tradeshow attendance, and any new product reveals or demonstrations you plan for the event.
    • Link your marketing materials to a website landing page so attendees can learn more about specific products or services promoted at your show. Be sure this site is mobile/tablet friendly.
    • Get hashtags for the tradeshow and tweet them ahead of time to let people know where to find your booth and what types of products or prizes you have to share.
    • Invite customers to attend an upcoming show, and consider offering them a paid or discounted admission.

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Social Media Dimensions



It can be challenging to remember the correct image sizes for each social platform. Here are a few popular dimensions to keep in mind when posting social content:


    • Profile photo: 180 x 180 px
    • Cover photo: 820 x 312 px
    • Shared image: 1200 x 630 px (Note: these are the images that appear in your timeline and news feeds)
    • Event image: 1920 x 1080 px


    • Profile photo: 400 x 400 px
    • Header photo: 1500 x 500 px
    • In-stream photo: 440 x 220 px (Note: these photos will appear in your followers’ streams and the streams of their followers, if retweeted).


    • Profile photo: 110 x 110 px
    • Photo thumbnails: 161 x 161 px
    • Photo size: 1080 x 1080 px



    • Personal profile image: 400 x 400 px
    • Personal background image: 1584 x 396 px
    • Company logo: 300 x 300 px
    • Company cover Image: 1536 x 768 px
    • Shared image: 1104 x 736 px

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Ways to Promote Content



Content promotion helps you work smarter, not harder. It enables you to use your existing content for retargeting new audiences or repurposing it for new channels, without having to create new content each time.

Here are just a few creative ways to promote your content:

    • Get creative when sharing on social media. You can share directly to your page or a to someone else’s page, in groups that you are in, or target specific people or brands whenever possible with mentions and tagging.
    • Create a referral marketing program where you reward loyal customers for sharing your content and promotions. According to a study by Nielsen, 84 percent of people trust recommendations from people they know, making them the most influential form of advertising.
    • Consider social marketing tools like Hootsuite or Buffer to help you schedule content to post at later dates. When cross-posting, try to change up the message slightly for each platform.
    • Create a blog as a content host on your website. Blog posts not only boost SEO rankings, but they are a great place to house product announcements, newsletters, upcoming events or promotions, white pages, industry content, and more. Remember to add social sharing buttons to all blog posts.
    • There is nothing wrong with recycling old content, but be sure to update it with new sources, statistics, and a fresh outlook.
    • Share content links in your email signature, and change them frequently. If recipients are reading your email, chances are they will notice your signature as well.
    • Share your content on relevant subreddits. Find a Subreddit for your industry or niche and then share your content there.