Co-Branding Marketing Partnerships


Building smart relationships have always made good business sense, and now it’s more important than ever, and the opportunities are everywhere (if you look for and manage them correctly).

Using the power of co-branded marketing partnerships to gain exposure and utilize new distribution channels is not only smart, but it’s also an essential marketing tool for businesses who want to remain competitive and stand apart from their competition.

A unique example of a co-branding partnership is Uber and Spotify. Music-streaming app Spotify partnered with ride-hailing app Uber to create “soundtrack for your ride.” Uber and Spotify offer very different products. However, they share a very similar goal: to gain more users.

Here are a few tips to consider for selecting an ideal partnership:

  • Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and choose a partner that will excite your audience and give you a competitive edge over your competition.
  • Create a partnership that is mutually beneficial for both parties, ensuring you both fill gaps and needs for the other’s business.
  • Establish common goals and detailed terms of who is doing what to benefit both organizations mutually. Define the tasks you will perform and have your partner do the same. From this, you can each be accountable to yourselves, to each other, and to the business.
  • Identify and utilize the strengths of each partner. Bringing out and using the strengths of the individuals within the partnership will add to the motivation, the energy, and the odds of long-term success.

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Print to the Rescue



If you’re looking for a few ways to boost your online activity, whether it be on your website or social media, here are a few tips for integrating print into your mobile campaigns:

  • Promote a custom microsite or landing page that is specific to each direct mail piece, trade show flyer, or brochure you create.
  • Create and distribute print coupons that can be redeemed online.
  • Send newsletters that redirect readers to a web URL for “the rest of the story.”
  • When announcing new products or services with posters, direct mail, or advertisements, encourage your audience to join in the conversation on social media.
  • Promote your website or social media group on everything you print, including business cards, statement stuffers, stickers, newsletters, custom envelopes, bag inserts, coupons, and much more.

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Birthday Marketing You Can Take to the Bank



If your business is looking for a creative way to stay in touch with your customers and increase customer loyalty and retention, you may want to consider sending birthday cards.

Everyone has a birthday. What better reason to reach out at least once a year and offer an exclusive promotion? While online birthday messaging is overdone (such as Facebook and email), nothing makes an impression and grabs attention like an old-fashioned birthday card in the mail. It is a great time to put the focus on your customer and make them feel special. You’ll make an even bigger impression if you hand-write a personalized message.

Whether you choose a typical 5×7 card or a sleek postcard design, you can also increase retention by including a special gift, such as a voucher for a free item or $10 off their next purchase. Chances are, many customers will purchase while they’re picking up or enjoying their birthday gift.

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Customer Retention Marketing


If you don’t stay in touch with your customers, chances are, someone else will. Here are a few customer retention marketing ideas to consider:

  • Encourage open communication with your customers by requesting feedback and suggestions. Offer options such as email, surveys, a toll-free number, chat forums, etc.
  • Send a handwritten thank you note or email shortly after each purchase. Consider including a coupon for a product or service that is related to a recent purchase.
  • Feature customer testimonials to highlight customers who are successful using your products or services.
  • Send a birthday postcard with an exclusive promotion to let them know you’re thinking of them.
  • Send a newsletter that provides “news they can use” with helpful industry resources, tips and tricks, and promotional announcements.
  • Invite customers to join a loyalty program with exclusive incentives and rewards for return customers.
  • Promote a small contest or giveaway on your website each month, and provide recognition to the previous winners.
  • Socialize with your customers. Attend trade shows, offer open houses, encourage customers to respond to blog posts, communicate on social media sites, etc.

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Differentiate Your Marketing Materials



Many businesses resell products from other manufacturers and use the marketing materials that they provide. While this is often an easy and inexpensive way to promote product lines, the problem is your competition is likely using the same marketing materials.

Customized marketing materials can differentiate your products and services and help you stand apart from your competition. Marketing materials that also reflect and promote your business will help customers think of your business first, rather than just the product brand they are interested in purchasing.

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The Need for Speed




The speed of your website can affect several metrics, including conversion rates, page views, bounce rates, and often most importantly, reader satisfaction. Page speed is also a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. The faster your site loads, the higher your rankings are.

Here are a few factors that could be slowing down your site:

  • Large images or carousel sliders that aren’t optimized can significantly slow your page’s download speed.
  • Overloading your page with slow-loading ads, widgets, or plug-ins can slow your load time considerably.
  • Affiliate codes may seem small but can add up to slow your site’s speed.
  • The back-end code of sign-up forms, such as Google Feedburner or Aweber, can affect your speed.

Here are a few ways to test your site’s speed:

Think With Google ( tests your mobile website speed and performance and offers recommendations for improving performance across all devices.

Pingdom Website Speed Test ( enables you to test individual pages on real browsers like Chrome.

Uptrends ( analyzes your website speed on an elemental level, identifying bottlenecks caused by bloat and third-party scripts.

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Trade Show Do’s and Don’ts



The most important part of any trade show or business event is how your staff presents themselves to potential buyers. Here are a few etiquette tips for trade shows and other business events:

  • Use approachable body language by standing in front of your booth, smiling, and keeping your hands at your sides, not in your pockets or folded at your chest.
  • Provide adequate staffing, so the booth is covered during lunch and other breaks, without overwhelming the booth space with employees.
  • Stay attentive. Don’t chat with coworkers or look on your phone or laptop.
  • Don’t solicit guests in the aisles. Let them show interest by arriving at your booth.
  • Be prepared to answer basic questions or know where to obtain more information if necessary.
  • Don’t eat or drink at the booth. Hide snacks, trash, and supplies behind a backdrop or under a skirted table.
  • Dress appropriately, and avoid wearing too much or too little. There is nothing worse than freezing or sweating at a networking event. Dress in comfortable layers that you can easily add or remove as needed, such as a suit jacket over a dress shirt.
  • Be cognizant of your personal hygiene. Use mints or gum to keep your breath fresh. Skip the cologne. Fragrances should be alluring, not overpowering. If you can smell perfume or cologne, within talking distance, it is too strong.
  • Avoid gaudy jewelry. You want to be remembered for your personality or impressive product knowledge, not your giant dangling earrings or over-jeweled hands.

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