Office Printer Hacks




While we hope you look to us for all your professional printing needs, here are a few helpful tips to save money on your daily print jobs:



  • Choose your fonts wisely. According to data from, different fonts use different amounts of ink to print. Here’s a tip: Century Gothic delivered a 31 percent savings in your inkjet and toner cartridge printing costs over Arial.
  • Print your documents in grayscale (black and white) to ensure your document is printed using the black cartridge only and not your color cartridges. Your document will print faster with nearly half the ink.
  • Always use print preview to save time and avoid annoying reprints. If you have issues with line breaks, page breaks, placement of graphics, etc., convert your document to a PDF file and print from Acrobat.
  • Change your default resolution setting. Most high-quality printers default to 600DPI or higher, which can waste a lot of ink. Lower your settings to save on ink and printing speed.
  • When you get a low toner alert, remove it and shake it over a garbage can to loosen up the powder and extend the life of your cartridge.
  • Beware of buying cheap bargain paper, which is often not cut evenly, and can cause printer jams and has a lot of dust which can build up and create issues with your printer.
  • Never let a printer (or ink cartridge) sit in a hot or cold car all day. If you must transport them long distances, take your ink cartridges out and store them in a sealed bag.
  • Clean and dust your printer often and keep out of direct sunlight. Also keep them away from heat sources like a furnace or radiator. You may also consider using a humidifier in the room with the printer if your home or office has low humidity.

If you let us help with your important printing projects, we’ll guarantee quality that is sure to make your office printer jealous.




Smartphone Tricks



Here are a few useful things you can do with your smartphone:

    • iPhone users can download the Night Eyes Lite – Night Camera to turn your phone’s camera into night vision goggles to help you see in the dark.
    • Android users can use the Gmote app to avoid storage issues by streaming music from your PC to your phone using Wi-Fi and the app.
    • You can turn your smartphone into a remote desktop device by installing VNC Viewer Remote Desktop from Google Play on your phone and the computer you want to have access to. You can reach any Mac, Windows, or Linux device and use your phone to control the mouse and keyboard.
    • iPhone or Android users can download the Bubble Level app for an easy-to-use level for hanging photos.
    • iPhone users can use the buttons on your headphones to take pictures (they should be standard wired headphones with actual buttons and not sliders). Just tap the volume up button to take pictures.
    • Use the TimeLapse app for iPhone or Lapse It for Android to create amazing time-lapse videos without buying expensive, high-tech equipment.
    • Android users can use the Google Lens app to get information on photos, your surroundings, and image searches. To access the feature on your iOS device, launch the Google Photos app, select a photo, then tap on the Google Lens icon.
    • iPhone 8.0 (and later) users can use Surveillance App to turn your smartphone into a wireless surveillance CCTV system. Simply buy a cheap, off-contract phone, connect to Wi-Fi, and plug it in, so it doesn’t die. You can set up both video and sound alerts that allow the device to notify you and start streaming video to your guardian phone if there is any motion or noise near the surveying phone.

If you need fun tips for your next important printing project, our team of experts is full of creative print tips and ideas and would love to help! Call us today at 856-429-0715!

Easy Apps for Visual Storytelling


Here are a few apps that make it easy to create short and engaging video snippets for social media and marketing content:

    • Adobe Spark is a free online and mobile graphic design app which allows you to create beautiful images, videos, and web pages easily.
    • Lively enables you to convert live photos to GIFs and video.
    • Canva Animations adds animation to simple design. Just create your design, go to “Download,” and select “Animated GIF/Movie” from the drop-down menu. From there, you can choose an animation style and download it as a GIF or movie. Note: the app works best with the simple Canva templates. If your design is too complicated, Canva may not offer the option to animate it.
    • Ripl can be used to create animated, eye-catching posts and short video snippets. Choose from 200+ animated designs to easily create posts that fit your unique brand. You can add your photo(s) and text, choose a design template, customize the post for your business, and share in one tap to your social media accounts.
    • Apple Clips (available on iOS only) is a basic video tool for making short videos with added text, effects, graphics, and more.
    • Quick is Go Pro’s super simple video creation tool which allows you to create cool videos quickly.
    • Videorama makes editing video easy and will enable you to add transitions, use stock videos and images, edit the video length, add transitions, add music, slow or speed up video, and more.
    • Boomerang is a short video snippet that repeats.
    • Rewind is an app that shows your video content in reverse.

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Create Custom GIFs



Animated GIFs have become a popular way to communicate on social media, blogs, and even texting. While many people download pre-made GIFs, you can also easily create your own custom GIFs. Here are a few examples of popular iOS and Android apps that allow you to turn almost any video clip into a GIF:

  • Giphy is not only the internet’s largest GIF search engine, but the Giphy Cam app enables you to film videos directly through the app, create animated stickers, and more.
  • Gifx is a creative and customizable app that allows users to apply more than 200 GIF effects to photos and videos, as well as add music, adjust opacity, size, etc., and add creative masks.
  • GifLab (iOS only) offers one of the easiest ways to create GIFs from your own videos. It has minimal effects yet the essential features for beginners.
  • Gifs Art (iOS only) enables users to create and customize GIFs from almost any type of media (photos, videos, existing GIFs). It also features a built-in library of masks, stickers, and creative effects.
  • Tumblr features a GIF tool directly in its mobile app so users can easily create GIFs from videos or photo bursts from their camera rolls.

If you’d like other tips to stay ahead of the creative curve for work or fun, check out the tips on our website or give us a call today!

Easily Preview Fonts


If you’d like a tool to see how words appear in a variety of different fonts, then look no further! allows you to enter any word or phrase and see how it appears in a variety of fonts, including the fonts on your computer and Google fonts.

Simply go to: and enter a word or phrase. Then, scroll through the word previews in different fonts. You can also choose to reverse the background, so the words appear as a white font on a dark background.

While the standard version is free, you can upgrade to a pro account for only two dollars per month. The pro account includes support and removes advertisements, and can also tag and categorize your fonts.

If you’d like other helpful tips or help designing your next print project, stop by or give us a call today!

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts



Here are a few helpful and time-saving YouTube keyboard shortcuts to consider when watching videos online. Please note: shortcuts may vary depending on your web browser and/or your operating system, as well as your keyboard. For example, not all keyboards have media keys, and the media keys on most Apple keyboards will not work since they are directly tied to iTunes.

  • Play/pause the video: k or Spacebar
  • Go back 5 seconds: Left arrow
  • Go back 10 seconds: j
  • Go forward 5 seconds: Right arrow
  • Go forward 10 seconds: l
  • Skip to a section of the video: Numbers 1-9
  • Restart video: 0
  • Go to Full-Screen mode: f
  • Exit Full-Screen mode: Escape
  • Go to beginning of video: Home
  • Go to end of video: End
  • Increase volume: Up arrow
  • Decrease volume: Down arrow
  • Increase speed: Shift+> or Shift
  • Decrease speed: Shift+< or Shift+,
  • Move forward when paused: .
  • Move backward when paused: ,
  • Mute/unmute video: m
  • Turn captions on/off: c

Screenshots Galore



Screenshots can be a helpful way to save information, but with the plethora of tech devices available, it can be hard remembering the screenshot shortcuts. Here are tips how to take screenshots on a variety of devices:

Windows: Press the Print Screen key (also marked “Print,” “PrtScn” or PrtSc”), which copies the screen and can be pasted into any program, such as Outlook email, Word, or Paint. Or, if you want more specific content, Press Alt+PrtScn to copy only the contents of your current window.

Microsoft Surface (or other Windows tablets): On older devices, you can try pressing Fn+Win+spacebar, or the Win+Down Volume button at the same time. On newer models, press the Power Button+Down Volume button simultaneously.

MacOS: To copy the image of your Mac’s entire screen, press Command+Control+Shift+3. Or, for specific screenshots, press Command+Shift+4, then click and drag the selector across the area of the desktop you want to capture.

Chromebooks: Hold down Ctrl+Switch Window button (or Ctrl+F5 on a standard keyboard). To take a partial screenshot, click Ctrl+Shift+Switch Window (Ctrl+Shift+F5 on a standard keyboard), then click and drag the selection tool across a portion of the screen.

iPhone or iPad: Press the Power Button+Home Button at the same time.

Most Android phones or tablets (including new Samsung S8, S8+ and Galaxy Note 8): Press the Power+Volume Down.

Samsung phones or tablets (excluding version 8): Press the Power Button+Home Button at the same time