Announcement Cards



If you have a special event coming up, custom printed announcement cards are a great way to spread the word. Not only are they a classy way to ensure your announcement gets noticed and remembered, but a printed card can also break through the clutter of online communications.

Many people think of announcement cards for exciting life events, such as engagements or the birth of a baby. However, announcement cards are also a great marketing tool for corporate celebrations, such as grand openings, anniversaries, and retirements.

Our creative experts can help you design an announcement card that is perfect for your event and budget. Whether you’d like a standard flat card or a folded card with die-cut edging or decorative embossing, the creative options are truly endless. Stop by to see samples or give us a call to order your announcement cards today!


Vertical Business Cards



If your organization is looking for a way to add a new twist on an old favorite, you may want to consider giving your business cards a 90-degree turn with a vertical design. Because the layout is unconventional, it will be more memorable and demand attention, and likely encourage recipients to take a second look at your business card.

While the design aspect may be more challenging on a vertical card, the challenge is often worth the effort. Perhaps you have a long list of products or services that work nicely on a vertical card. Or maybe you have a vertical logo you would like to highlight. Even though you are changing the layout, the traditional 3.5” x 2” business card dimensions still fit easily into your client’s wallet or Rolodex.


If you’re looking for unique ideas for vertical designs, our creative team would love to help! Visit our website or give us a call today at 856.429.0715

Loyalty Stamp/Punch Cards


Product-359_001 (1).jpg

Loyalty stamp cards or punch cards are an affordable and creative way to boost sales. Not only do stamp/punch cards encourage first-time buyers, but they also increase repeat business from loyal customers, and are a great way to let customers know how much you value their business.


Because filling a stamp/punch card typically results in a valuable reward (such as buy ten pizzas, get one free), they also have a higher perceived value than a traditional paper coupon. You can easily double the impact of your card by printing your business card on the backside or use the space to promote an upcoming promotion or new product.

Unlike more complicated digital rewards programs, punch or stamp card loyalty programs are easy to teach to your staff. They merely need to know which purchases earn a punch, how many punches a card should include to get the free item or discount, and what the item or discount is. You can also create a special incentive, such as “Two Punch Tuesdays” to boost the popularity of your loyalty card on specific days.

If you need help creating the perfect stamp/punch card your customers are sure to love, remember, other printers may be nearby, but nobody comes close!

Special Event Programs



Event programs can be a memorable and informative addition to fundraisers, workshops, corporate celebrations, annual meetings, conferences, and much more.

Event programs can range from a simple one-sided handout to a multi-page booklet with speaker profiles, a schedule, maps, and other detailed information. Depending on the type of event, programs can also be used to generate revenue by selling advertising.

To extend the life of your program, consider including contact information, social media handles, color photos, background information, a helpful FAQ, a calendar of upcoming events, or web links to useful resources.

If you’d like help creating the perfect event program your recipients will enjoy, give us a call today at 856.429.0715. Our team of creative experts would love to help!

Custom Printed Gift Tags



While custom printed gift tags are most popular during the holiday season, they are a great addition for any occasion.

Gift tags can be a great way to offer a heartfelt thank you message or other greetings for special occasions, such as corporate anniversaries, birthdays, open houses, and other celebrations.

Gift tags can be designed as a hang tag that can be attached via ribbon or string, or a label that can be applied on your gift or card. Gift tags can be customized in any shape (including die-cut shapes) and colors, and can also feature unique finishes, such as an embossed logo or raised UV spot print.

If your organization would like help creating the perfect gift tag for an upcoming special occasion or event, give us a call today. And remember, other printers may be nearby, but nobody comes close!

Connection Cards



Connection cards are an excellent tool for those who are looking for a creative way to connect with visitors.

Many churches and other organizations are challenged with attracting new visitors. Once new visitors come through your doors, it’s important to capture their information so you can thank them for coming and stay in touch.

When creating a connection card, beware of asking for too much information. Also, be sure to ask the visitor their preferred communication method. For example, an older audience may prefer direct mail or phone calls, whereas millennials would prefer text messages, email, or social media communication.

When encouraging new visitors to complete your connection card, it’s essential to communicate clearly. For example, instead of asking visitors to “fill out a connection card” – which they may not understand, you can simply ask them to “fill out a yellow card,” which eliminates confusion.

Connection cards can be a tremendous welcoming tool that shows your audience that their visit is appreciated and you look forward to seeing them again. You can also show off your organization’s personality in your verbiage and card design. If you’d like help creating a connection card your visitors will enjoy, give us a call today at 856.429.0715!

Creative Packaging Ideas



Packaging is a crucial component of your company’s identity. However, creative packaging solutions don’t have to break the bank. Here are a few unique packaging ideas to consider:

    • Custom printed packaging sleeves not only improve the shelf-appeal of your product, but they also provide branding and product identification and enable you to provide more information about what is in the box or bundle.
    • Hang tags can be the perfect way to add a finishing touch to your product and gift packaging. Hangtags can be used to promote selling features, give directions (such as if products have multiple uses), explain your product guarantee, suggestions for care, etc. You may also consider turning your business card into a folded hang tag that allows you to not only provide a personalized message but also incorporate your contact information.
    • Custom printed bag toppers offer an economical way to brand and package a variety of products. Branded bag toppers can be used by directly placing your product in a poly bag and attaching a fold-over header card using staples, tape, or glue.
    • Corporate anniversary seals or warranty seals are a great way to add a distinctive finishing touch on your packages and increase brand recognition.
    • Packaging and die-cut logo labels can not only reinforce your brand image and create recognition, but also enable you to customize your shipping packages easily.
    • Creative envelopes are an easy way to package many items. Whether you create a full color promotional printed envelope, preview window envelope, or translucent envelope, we can help you with the perfect solution. Call us today at 856.429.0715.