Custom Window Envelopes



Custom window envelopes are a great way not only to ensure your envelope gets noticed in a pile of mail but also ensure your envelope gets opened.

Window envelopes can be customized to meet the needs of any document or mailing. Whether you want to increase the visibility of inserts, grab attention with an unusual window shape, or create an oversized window that allows your imagery to shine through, we can help you create the perfect envelope for any need. Envelopes can also be designed with a full view window or multiple windows on the front or back to demand extra attention.

If you’d like help designing the perfect custom window envelope for your next project, stop by or give us a call today at 856.429.0715 or visit:!

Hanging Business Cards



INFORMATION. Hanging business cards, or swing cards, provide a great way to dress up and personalize business gifts, products, or promotional items that are uniquely shaped, or won’t accommodate a sticker or label. Hanging business cards are also a creative way to provide contact information on sponsorship donations, product giveaways, craft shows, and much more.

Just like traditional business cards, hanging cards are available in an endless variety of sizes, creative shapes, and styles. Fun customization examples could include die-cut shapes or edging, a square or narrow design, or even a folded business card. You can also spice up your business card by adding a tear-away coupon, save-the-date card, or promote your website or social media information.

Hanging business cards come perfectly punched, so they are ready to use immediately. If you’d like help creating the perfect hanging business card, our creative team would love to help! Contact us today at 856-429-0715 or visit

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Training Manuals



Training manuals are a great way to educate and inform your audience. Whether you need sales training manuals, technical training manuals, employee training manuals, management training manuals, safety training manuals, or customer service training manuals, we can help!

Professionally printed training manuals and materials will help your audience get up to speed faster and thoroughly learn and understand your processes and procedures.

Training manuals can be bound in a variety of ways, such as comb binding, saddle stitch, perfect binding, wire-o binding, custom three-ring binders, and corner stapling. We can provide custom printed or color-coded tabs to help organize your information. We also offer short-run orders, which enable you to make updates and changes as new developments occur, and help you avoid having obsolete or outdated content.

In addition to training manuals, we can also help you create corresponding training materials like booklets and pamphlets, posters, flashcards, tests, and quizzes.

If you’d like help creating training manuals for your team, our professional print team would love to help. And remember, other printers may be nearby, but nobody comes close.

Printed Newsletters



If you’re looking for a creative way to strengthen your relationship with your audience and increase customer engagement, printed newsletters are a win-win solution! Here are a few tips to increase the impact of your newsletter:

Include a variety of content to educate, inform, and entertain, using short stories, bulleted information, and lists. A great rule for newsletters is 40 percent company/product information, 40 percent industry related, and 20 percent general interest.

Consider a reoccurring segment, such as a fun quiz, contest, or top 10 list.

Think outside the box and consider designing your newsletter as a placemat, oversized or folded postcard, or even a statement stuffer or door hanger.

In addition to mailing your newsletter, consider handing them out at trade shows or at sales calls or providing them at your front desk.

Become a source of information on upcoming industry events such as speakers, tradeshows, etc.

Consider an “Ask an Expert” section where readers can submit questions and an industry expert will provide an answer in an open forum for all to see.

Don’t forget a call to action to request more information, place an order, or stop by to redeem a coupon or learn more about a product offer.

If you need help creating a newsletter your audience will look forward to reading, our creative team has lots of great ideas. Give us a call or stop by today!


Stickers vs. Labels vs. Decals



Many customers have asked us about the differences between stickers, labels, and decals. While there is some gray area when defining these sticky products, here is a basic overview of the differences:

  • Stickers, in general, are more graphical in design, and often include logos, illustrations, product photos, and more. They are commonly printed on paper, coated paper, or vinyl.
  • Labels are an informative sticker and are typically used for identification or information purposes. Labels often have instructions or descriptions on them or are commonly used for address and shipping labels, name tags, or packing labels.
  • Decals are similar to vinyl or coated stickers, but are typically used in larger formats and are commonly applied to walls, glass, floors, and more.

If you’d like help designing the perfect sticker, label, or decal, our creative team would love to help. Give us a call today at 856.429.0715!

Announcement Cards



If you have a special event coming up, custom printed announcement cards are a great way to spread the word. Not only are they a classy way to ensure your announcement gets noticed and remembered, but a printed card can also break through the clutter of online communications.

Many people think of announcement cards for exciting life events, such as engagements or the birth of a baby. However, announcement cards are also a great marketing tool for corporate celebrations, such as grand openings, anniversaries, and retirements.

Our creative experts can help you design an announcement card that is perfect for your event and budget. Whether you’d like a standard flat card or a folded card with die-cut edging or decorative embossing, the creative options are truly endless. Stop by to see samples or give us a call to order your announcement cards today!

Vertical Business Cards



If your organization is looking for a way to add a new twist on an old favorite, you may want to consider giving your business cards a 90-degree turn with a vertical design. Because the layout is unconventional, it will be more memorable and demand attention, and likely encourage recipients to take a second look at your business card.

While the design aspect may be more challenging on a vertical card, the challenge is often worth the effort. Perhaps you have a long list of products or services that work nicely on a vertical card. Or maybe you have a vertical logo you would like to highlight. Even though you are changing the layout, the traditional 3.5” x 2” business card dimensions still fit easily into your client’s wallet or Rolodex.


If you’re looking for unique ideas for vertical designs, our creative team would love to help! Visit our website or give us a call today at 856.429.0715