8 Office Printer Hacks – Save Money on Your Daily Print Projects

Imagine running out of an ink cartridge right in the middle of printing your concert tickets or boarding passes.
Then you realized you forgot to order a new cartridge.

Happened to you before?
Watch our “Printer Hacks” video and don’t be left stranded.

Toner Hack is the best, saved our lives on may occasions.



Dream-A-Book Sketchbooks – Illustrate, Draw, Sketch, Write a Story, Start a Diary or Travel Journal

Dream-A-Book Sketchbooks – Illustrate, Draw, Sketch, Write a Story, Start a Diary or Travel Journal

IMG_7491.jpgSJ Printer proudly presents the new product line…


Dream—A-Book Sketchbooks!

This idea was inspired by my favorite childhood movie “NeverEnding Story”. Although, the movie was made in 1984, way before screens took over our lives, it is even more relative today than ever before. Several months ago I read an article about the imagination crisis. In Europe, educators are desperately looking for new ways to develop creativity. Now they are placing kids in rooms with absolutely white walls to get their imagination going.

With our new line of clean, “ready to create” hardcover sketchbooks or colorfully illustrated softcover you don’t need to go to such drastic measures. Just use our books on a long drives or while you wait for your food in the restaurant. These sketch albums are great for writing, sketching, doodling or drawing. Bring out that long hidden creativity and imagination.

Stop by our shop in Cherry Hill, call or e-mail, place an order and receive 30% OFF on all our Amazon items.

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Here is our video presentation:hqdefault